We have held three highly successsful special events in 2017

Frank Turek
Adjunct Professor of Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary
Director, Cross Examined Ministry

The latest Frank Turek event was held on July 27th, 2017 on the subject of "If God Why Evil"
His presentation was very well received by the audience. During the Q. and A. session Dr. Turek capably fielded questions from audience participants
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Solar Eclipse Event - The total solar eclipse on August 21 and the evidence of God was our topic.
Dr. Joseph Lenard of SAS began with a slide series on the science of total solar eclipses.
We showed a DVD “The Privileged Planet–Search for Purpose in the Universe”,followed by a Question & Answer session with Dr. Dan Reynolds.The conclusion is that planet earth is truly “privileged", having a finely-tuned array of factors designed by our Creator to support life in the universe.

Dr. Douglas Axe
Dr. Axe conducted an Apologetics Presentation in Pinehurst on October 11th on the subject
“Undeniable–Life is Designed!”

Dr. Axe, a molecular biologist, is the Director of the Biologic Institute—affiliated with the Discovery Institute. He is the author of "Undeniable–How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life is Designed (2017)", named a “Best Book of the Year by World Magazine.” Dr. Axe explained why Darwinian evolution is scientifically impossible.

Dr. Dan Reynolds
of the TRIANGLE ASSOCIATION for the SCIENCE of CREATION conducted two Apologetics Presentations in Pinehurst in April and May 2018.

He covered the following topics:
1. Interpretation of scripture
2. The Origin of the Universe
3. The Fine Tuning of Physics
4. The Origin of Life
5. The Cambrian Explosion
6. Evidence that Dinosaurs Lived Recently
7. The Origin of Humans

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