Dr. Dan Reynolds on Science of Creation

1. The Interpretation of Scripture

The Bible is the Word of God without error in the original manuscripts. The Bible contains absolute truth and is the final authority on all things about which it speaks clearly. Genesis 1-11 is narrative that if read in a straight forward manner says that the earth and universe were spoken into existence by God 6-10 thousand years ago. This interpretation dovetails nicely with the rest of scripture.

2.The Origin of the Universe
There are at least two independent scientific evidences that the universe had a beginning (has not always existed). The first evidence is the expansion of the universe. If the expansion is run in reverse, all matter and energy coalesce into a black hole where time stops. Where time stops is the beginning. The second evidence is the Law of Entropy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics). The Law of Entropy states that the amount of useful energy in the universe is irreversibly decreasing with time. Since there is still useful energy in the universe, the universe must be of finite age (had a beginning).

3. The Fine Tuning of Physics
The magnitude and nature of the four fundamental forces and many physical constants are such that if any of them were to be changed slightly, we would not be here. Change the physical forces or constants and you get a different set of elements with different chemistry, different stars, different gravity, etc. It appears that the universe is fine tuned for our existence. There is no known physical reason why the universe is the way it is. Atheists and materialists appeal to a multiverse where every possible set of physical laws exists in some universe somewhere. But there is only evidence for one universe. The fine tuning of physics can be easily explained by intelligent design.

4. The Origin of Life
Science has no idea how chemistry could have evolved into biochemistry. In fact, everything we know about chemical systems argues against a naturalistic origin of self replicating chemical systems. DNA and proteins contain information that is consistent with but not reducible to chemistry and physics. The only known cause of specified information is intelligence. The question of the origin of information in biology is perhaps the strongest scientific argument for intelligent design and against materialism.

5. The Cambrian Explosion
The majority of phyla appear at the base of the fossil record in the Cambrian with few if any precursors. Phyla are body plans and represent great differences between organisms. That most phyla appear early in the fossil record is the opposite of what is predicted by evolution. From a information perspective, different body plans represent different tissues, organs, cell types, routes of embryological development, proteins, and DNA. This means that enormous amounts of information encoded in DNA had to be generated in a short period of time. Only an intelligence could have done this.

6. Evidence that Dinosaurs Lived Recently
Genesis 1 says all animals including dinosaurs and humans were made on days 5 and 6 of creation week. The Bible makes mention of behemoth, leviathan, and dragons - arguably references to some types of dinosaurs. Many cultures have had references to or depictions of dinosaur like creatures in their literature, oral traditions, carvings, paintings, and even ritual garb. More recently, the discoveries of dinosaur soft tissue with intact proteins and possibly DNA have rocked the scientific world. These fragile structures should have decayed away long ago if they are millions of years old. And many dinosaur fossils contain traces of radiocarbon, which should have decayed away if the fossils are millions of years old. These results dovetail with results from the RATE group who found residual radiocarbon throughout the fossil record in coals, carbonates, and even diamonds. This evidence is consistent with a global flood wherein most sedimentary layers (Cambrian on up) were laid down over a couple of years 4500 years ago, just like the Bible says.

7. The Origin of Humans
The history of humanity is in the human genome. Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of humans alive today facilitates writing a family tree for humanity based on mtDNA. mtDNA is handed down from mothers, not fathers. A map of the various mtDNA sequences reduces to three basic mtDNA sequences that are somewhat similar. This is exactly what we would expect based on the history recorded in Genesis 1-11. The entire human population was reduced to three child bearing women as a result of the Flood. There had only been about 10 generations in a single lineage leading up to the Flood. Hence if Eve had only one version of mtDNA and all subsequent new versions arose simply by mutations, the mtDNA of the three young women on the Ark would be expected to be similar